Portion sizes sent us into a food coma

Portion sizes sent us into a food coma
Thai prawn entree

In my opinion the Lakehouse Restaurant is the best eating establishment on the western side of Lake Taupo. Tucked in close to Waihi Village, near Tokaanu, well known for their hot pools.

Classic prawn cocktail entree
Chicken Fettuccine entree

You can arrive by road or boat with a jetty to tie your boat up to while dining. We’ve eaten here a number of times but this was our best experience with delicious food and good service (although rumors are they’re a tad inflexible with last minute diners so best to book).

Our waitress warned us about the portion sizes but we ignored her advice. These photos are of our entrees as we forgot to photograph our mains….. imagine how big they were.

Seafood chowder


Jane Jeffries

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