Highlights from the sculpture walk on Waiheke Island

Highlights from the sculpture walk on Waiheke Island

If you’ve missed this years outdoor sculpture walk on Waiheke Island – headland Sculpture on the Gulf, here’re some of the highlights.

Arriving into Matiatia in Waiheke Island.

The 2 kilometre coastal walk close to Matiatia (where the ferries come and go from) had 34 sculptures, chosen from 250 proposals.

Forms and other things  Richard Maloy

Hard to believe a lump of dirty would make the cut but Richard Maloy’s proposal much have caught someone’s eye. Apparently he tends to it daily!

Off -cuts  John Hall
Phantom Fleet  Virginia King

Three of these electropolished marine grade stainless steel baskets were suspended from the branches of the Pohutakawa tree – magnificent.

Kotuku  Dion Hitchens
Keep your eyes up Veronica Herder

This installation made from bamboo and washi tape, set among feathery bush looked spectacular.

The Journey of a Million Miles Begins with one-step – the Stories of Beyond Refuge Tiffany Singh

My all time favourite by Tiffany Singh. The upturned boats signify refugees with a commentary by Steven Hue talking about their difficulties will settling in new lands.

Mesh Jeff Thomson
Twelve Intervals Shannon Novak and Raimana Jones
Trailing Tangaroa Michel Tuffery

How many pairs of jandals were used in this sculptures?

Jane Jeffries

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