1000 year old apartments now on the World Heritage List

If you want to see what apartments looked like 1000 years ago, take a look at these multi-storied homes where Native Americans (Pueblo Indians) lived and still do. I’ve recently visited the oldest inhabited pueblo in Taos, one of 18 left in the state of New Mexico.

North side

This adobe settlement has housed a Native American community for a 1000 years

This apartment style housing has no corridors or staircase so the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors are reached by ladders.

They are constructed from sun-baked bricks made from earth, straw and water. When they’re dried they’re sandwiched together with a similar mixture. The walls are about 70cm thick providing insulation from both the cold and heat but the material is porous and needs to be maintained annually otherwise they literally fall down.

Adobe bricks

Adobe construction need to be maintained regularly

Today about 150 people live permanently on the pueblo. Others maintain their houses in the compound but live elsewhere in more modern homes on the 100,000 acre reservation. In accordance with tradition, the pueblo has no running water or electricity.

South side

Residents of the pueblo.

There are approximately 3,200 tribal members and with ninety percent of the people marrying within the tribe, the Taos pueblo will continue its long lineage.

For more information www.taospueblo.com

Click here for Map of Taos, New Mexico, USA

The state of New Mexico is highlighted.Taos is in the north

The state of New Mexico is highlighted.Taos is in the north.

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