My name is Jane Jeffries and welcome to Blog the Globe


Since my first solo travel experience many years ago, in my early 20’s, I knew I had the travel bug.

With a three-month work visa, I set off to the Rocky Mountains, working as an elevator operator in the Banff Springs Hotel reveling in my first white Christmas.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since that trip, including a stint living and working in Singapore, USA and the UK and raising three children.


I’m just getting to a stage, where freedom is on the horizon again after 25 years of parenting and I’m excited to have the time and dare I say it, a little more money to spend on travel than in did in my 20’s.

I think I can speak for many of my readers in saying, we are all still looking for fun and adventure now 50, is the new 30.

Us baby boomers are active, looking to combine experiences with physical activity yet are fully aware of life’s limits so want to make the most of every day and our hard earned dollar now “time” is our friend again.

I travel whenever I can and love to learn and explore, but more importantly have fun. I hope I can entertain, inform and enlighten you with the places I go.






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