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  1. Hello Jane,

    How have you been? Awesome to find you’re a travel blogger / writer now!

    It’s been a long time since Ministry of Justice days but I was in need of a reference for a job at the Ecostore NZ. I’ve moved into film / 3d Animation career (freelance) and currently interviewing for day jobs. MoJ was one of my last administrative jobs for references.

    I hope that’s is okay! They’re hoping to contact references today or tomorrow.

    So sorry for the short notice.

    Best regards,

    Craig Johnston
    021 891 468

    • Hi Sonya,
      Sorry for getting back to you so late but hopefully you received my email after we meet on Wednesday.
      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Jane – I work with your sister-in-law, Ingrid and she has put me onto your site. I love travelling too and next year there is a group of us meeting up in Malta, but Steve and I want to go to Corsica and Sardinia. Would love to know your thoughts on a great place to stay in those two places.

    Thanks so much!

Hi I love to receive your emails and feedback. Jane